Registered Manager - Jo McCabe RGN
Jo has worked at Stanley house since 2007 and is responsible for all nursing requirements. She has developed a specialist knowledge and skill in our specific client groups and has a Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership.




Clinical Director – Cathy Yeates RGN. BSc
Our previous manager, she now supports Jo and the lead nurses in Clinical decision making.

Recruitment is stringent and our staff have displayed a level of commitment , compassion and ability required to support individuals with complex needs. Once recruited, they receive a high level of training and development.

Our full time staff are supported by experienced professionals commissioned by Stanley house care to provide us with the best knowledge and expertise available. These professionals range from consultants, GP’s, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, massage, art and a full time activity coordinator.

Consultant Neuropsychiatric Dr Hugh Rickards from the Queen Elizabeth Psychiatric hospital in Birmingham and members of his multidisciplinary team. Occupational therapist, Dietician and Speech and language therapist.

Dr Reece - from the local Ledbury Surgery.

Tracy Fulcher registered Physiotherapists - visits the home twice a week.

Kate Stock- Speech and Language therapist vists the home on a monthly basis and provides emergency assessment if required.

Laura Williams- neuro-massage and clinical therapists supports our physio and visits twice a week.

Tina Messam – Beauty and massage therapist who provides 1to1 therapy twice a week.

Jeanette McCulloch – Art therapist holds a weekly class enjoyed by all!

We enjoy visits from many other professionals, Tai chi, martial arts and Extend classes.


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