Mental Health

We offer support for individuals with treatment resistant problems where living in society may be too stressful or where someone may have been supported in hospital for many years but may no longer require that level of secure care. They could also have physical and mental health needs that require a combined approach to their long term care needs.

Our experienced nursing team have qualifications in General nursing and Mental Health and dual registrations.

Suffering from Mental health problems is distressing for everyone concerned and at Stanley house we have looked at how individuals can be supported to enjoy fruitful and challenging activities that in turn decrease anxiety and promote a sense of wellbeing.

We offer a low stimulus environment with beautiful grounds and views over the surrounding countryside. Both homes have large communal areas and smaller quite areas for relaxation and reflexion.

We implement the Non Abusive Psychological and Physical Interventions (NAPPI) strategies in which we train staff to notice the subtle changes that may be sign of someone becoming distressed. By noticing this at an early stage we can ‘refocus’ and prevent anxiety and distress.

NAPPI looks at what factors make an individual happy and what can make us stressed. By providing a variety of activities that meet specific individual needs we have been able to help individuals manage stress that they had previously found overwhelming.


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