Complex Neurological Problems

We have supported individuals with many complex neurological problems such as Progressive supra nuclear palsy (PSP) Parkinsonís disease, early onset dementia and other complicated comorbidities.

Neurological problems usually present with challenges such as:

  • Mobility
  • Talking and swallowing
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Emotional stress and anxiety.

Our team is specialized in managing these problems and are able to offer expert support that assists the individual to navigate the challenges their conditions present with confidence and security.

Our service is supported by Consultant neuropsychiatrist Dr Hugh Rickards and his MDT who visit the home on a monthly basis and provide us with advice on the most up to date methods of management and symptom control.




Most of these conditions are progressive and incurable and Stanley House Care have paid close attention to this by making sure that we can support individuals along their pathway and to the very end with comfort and choice.

We were one of the first homes in the county to achieve the "Gold Standard Framework" and attain "Beacon Home Status" as part of GSF.

'GSF Beacon award homes are exemplars in the field of quality care provision'

Martin Green OBE COE of English community care association

All our staff are trained in Palliative care and bereavement support and offer a holistic approach for individuals and their families throughout their stay.

Our focus on Non abusive psychological and physical interventions ( NAPPI) means that our staff are trained to provide a quality of life bespoke to the individual that reduces stress and promote a sense of wellbeing.


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