ABI - Acquired Brain Injury

The effect of an Acquired Brain Injury on the individual and their loved ones is immense and we at Stanley house care have taken stringent steps to make sure that we are offering what is considered to be the best care available.

Stanley House Care supports those individuals who may require peace and time to recover at their own pace, where rehabilitation programmes have ended and where a home for life may be just what they need to help them feel secure.

Stanley House gained "Headway Approved Provider" status in 2012. This has been retained every year since.

'Headway ensures that units gaining Approved Provider status can demonstrate their provision of appropriate specialist care for those with complex, physical and/or cognitive impairment due to acquired brain injury'

To achieve this award we had to display to Headway a level of knowledge and expertise in Acquired Brain Injury. Not only is a detailed knowledge of its effects both physical and psychological needed, but also to show clearly how this information is shared throughout the staff team.

Headway assessed our service against their own standards:-

  • Environment (Physical)
  • Environment (Psychological/Emotional)
  • Governance Development
  • Quality
  • Communication
  • Culture

We were able to satisfy Headway that our service achieved these standards:

  • Stanley house is open, light and contemporary with many communal areas to enjoy activities of sit calmly to enjoy some peace and quiet if preferred.
  • We offer a low stimulus environment that is calm and tranquil allowing those with cognitive challenges the opportunity to enjoy their day at a pace that suits their abilities.
  • The directors and managers of the home are all experts in their field supporting a culture of confidence from staff, residents and their families.
  • Our staff are supported to undertake specialist training and continually develop their skills to meet the needs of everyone.
  • We have a stringent quality assurance policy that has action points daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.
  • Communication is our key to success and we take this very seriously. Our care plans are clear and have been commended by CQC, we meet with staff monthly and residents and families bi-monthly.
  • We promote a culture of inclusivity and positive interaction. Our approach to daily care using Non Abusive Psychological and Physical Interventions (NAPPI) means that the individuals and their needs come first.


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